Most Amazing Places To Explore In Goa

Goa is one of the most beautiful places to visit in India thanks to the natural beauty and surprising elements. It is an all-in-one place that gives lots of amazing things to enjoy for both peace lovers and party animals. Are you planning a tour to this place and want to make an itinerary about which places to explore? If yes, then this post needs to be checked carefully.

In this article, we will give details about 5 most amazing places to explore in Goa on your upcoming tour. Let’s check out each of them carefully now.

      1. Galgibaga Beach

Known as the cleanest beach in Goa, this surreal place should be on your bucket list for sure. The crystal clear water and hidden beauty is a worthy option to explore.

Apart from natural beauty, this beach is popular for the nesting place for Olive Ridley turtle.

      2. Fort Aguada

The next place in Goa is Fort Aguada that will let you know about this state’s history. This Portuguese fort was built for staying protecting against Marathas and Dutch.

The biggest highlight of this place is a 13-meter high lighthouse that created about two centuries ago.

      3. Dudhsagar Falls

Located at a distance of 46 KM from Madgaon, this waterfall is the perfect creation of nature and looked wonderful during monsoons. As seen in movies, there is a railway bridge that passes in front of Dudhsagar Falls.

It shouldn’t be missed during your tour to Goa if you love seeing a natural beauty.

      4. Arvalem Caves

According to legends, the Arvalem Caves were used by Pandavas because of the Shivlingas’ presence in the compartments. It is located in Goa and considered the perfect place for history lovers.

The mysterious aura and rich history of this place will anyone’s trip complete in Goa.

      5. Baga Beach

A trip to Goa can never get completed without mentioning the name of Baga Beach. The serene shores and powerful waves of this beautiful place can make things wonderful for any tourist.

There are tons of tremendous parties organized in this place consistently by party lovers. It is an amazing place that stays full of people all year.


Visiting Goa with friends is a once in a lifetime experience that everyone should have. We have mentioned the most amazing places to explore in Goa with proper details. Our team hopes that this article has helped you in some manner.